Discretionary Commission Arrangements - Complaints and Refunds

You do not need to use a Claims Management Company. You can make the claim directly to the lender and if they reject your complaint you can take it to the Financial Ombudsman Service free of charge, but you must do this within 6 months of the lenders Final Decision Letter.

Mercedes-Benz Group AG

The Mercedes-Benz Group AG, known for its luxury vehicles and commercial transport solutions, owns several influential brands that diversify and strengthen its portfolio in the automotive industry. The group's brands include the flagship Mercedes-Benz, known for luxury cars and vans, Mercedes-EQ focusing on electric vehicles, Mercedes-Maybach representing ultra-luxury vehicles, Mercedes-AMG specializing in high-performance models, and Smart, which emphasizes compact and efficient urban vehicles​​.

Mercedes-Benz AG, as a subsidiary established in 2019, oversees the production of consumer luxury vehicles and light commercial vehicles. Heavy commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses, previously managed under Mercedes-Benz, are now part of Daimler Truck, highlighting a strategic reorganization to focus on core brands and markets​​.

The group has further expanded its reach in the automotive sector through acquisitions and strategic partnerships. It owns AMG, a high-performance tuning and development company; Smart, a manufacturer of compact cars acquired in 1994; Maybach, a luxury car brand; Freightliner, a commercial vehicle manufacturer acquired in 1981; and Setra, known for its luxury buses. Moreover, Daimler Financial Services AG and Mercedes-Benz Bank AG provide financial services, enhancing the group's offerings beyond vehicle manufacturing. Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is another notable acquisition, specializing in commercial vehicles​​.

Mercedes-Benz's history of innovation and luxury, coupled with its strategic acquisitions, ensures its enduring presence and growth in the global automotive market.